Volunteer Travel with a purpose 


Mystik Mountains has been organizing volunteers for experimental learning program from all over the world. The program is based on experiential learning through cultural, language and educational immersion with local communities. The volunteers are engaged in community projects of ours and are in constant interaction with local communities. Our volunteers stay with host family’s homestays to learn more about intercultural exchanges.

The program  will be one of the lifetime experience for the youths to experience the life in the Himalayas , learn culture , engage in community work and gather expereicne which will enable them to propsper in their future . Hopefully be a better leader to serve communities and world at large . The unique isolated , remote yet unexplored but full of possibilites and learning in Nepal will be once in a lifetime experience for them .

During the volunteer travel in Nepal , volunteers will have the opportunity to engage and learn the following things :

  • Engage in community service with set of skills
  • Enhance their communication skills by working in diverse communities
  • Grow teamwork and leadership skills by working in the group
  • Inter-culture and inter-language exchange
  • Learn new skills ( art , creative work )
  • Personal growth of traveling, thought process , yoga meditation etc .
  • Learn different environmental issues, tourism, culture and heritages, education, healthcare , gender issues and development issue of Nepalese society .
  • Acquire new skills of interest like music, dance, stone carving, jewelry making, bronze casting, religious traditions, traditional cooking, etc.
  • Engage with communities development activities in the region like teaching primary school kids , working in health post , engage with farming activities , community sanitation , environment and climate change conservation in one of the partner NGO projects . 6 hrs a day work schedules .
  • Learn basic introductory philosophy and spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. This will include an investigation of yoga, meditation, iconography and symbolism.
  • Travel by bus , hike in the mountains , stay in local homestays /host families of the Himalayas ( Guardian of the Himalayas ) , experience the unique lifestyle , day to day chores , share experience with them

The volunteers can participate in different sector and work  based on their interest :

Education and Literacy

MystikMountains  empowers people by education, raising awareness, sharing knowledge & on-the-job trainings. At local community level, MYSTIK MOUNTAINS mobilizes local communities to enhance the people’s skill level though responsible and accountable (technical) trainings, communication and computer education. Volunteers can  be enaged with local primary school of the village , involve in language teaching , music sports , story telling , multimedia to school children .

Environment and Sanitation

Volunteer can be enagage to make more clean village by setting up dust-bins , pits to different location of the villages . Also helps to aware the villagers on waste disposal , cleanliness and hygiene . This can de done with the support of local youth clubs , village development committee (government body ) .

Reconstruction :

A lot of individual houses and community infrastructure have been damaged be the massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude of April 2015 . The villagers due to limited resource are yet to build houses and living in temporary GI sheet houses . Also some public infrastructures like school and health post have also been damaged and in process of reconstruction . So volunteer can engagae together to build the houses and gain experience . The new buildings will be focused on earthquake resilient structures .

Write to us at info@mystikmountains.com to enroll in one of our volunteer program .